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Nicole Aghabi

BSc, LLB, GDLP, LLM Applied Law (Majoring in Property), LLM Applied Law (Majoring in both Wills & Estates and Estate Planning)

Principal Solicitor

Nicole Aghabi is the Principal Solicitor at Elocin Legal and Sydney Surrogacy Lawyers, with expertise in property and estates. Before founding Elocin Legal, Nicole was a scientist in the field of IVF, so she knows many science-type things that make her interesting at parties. She is big on justice and fairness, and will go to bat for her clients, whether that is advising on a surrogacy arrangement, property matters, or helping them with wills and estates – Nicole provides a standard of work that is rare in the legal profession these days. Work that’s delivered with care, passion, and a healthy obsession with the law.

Nicole is a self-confessed geek with her favourite movie being Back to the Future, and despite understanding the science behind why hoverboards don’t exist (at least in their true form), is still a bit disappointed they aren’t a thing. Ever keen to get into a Marvel vs DC argument, Nicole takes no prisoners when defending that the best Batman is none other than Christian Bale, thanks to the brilliance of Christopher Nolan.

Nicole loves nothing more than a Harry Potter marathon, and as a true Gryffindor devotee, Nicole is loyal, strong, intelligent, and never afraid to stand up for what is right – even in the face of adversity. You’d think she had named her son ‘Henry’ after Master Potter, or perhaps Prince Harry (certainly not King Henry VIII), but no, it’s thanks to the incredibly sophisticated ‘Henry Cavill’ who portrays another DC superhero, Superman. If she’s honest, however, she first noticed Cavill’s charm as a young man in “The Count of Monte Cristo”, but that’s another story, and we’re already in danger of going off on too many tangents as it is…

Always wanting to give back to the community, Nicole is the Chairperson for IVF Australia’s Human Research Ethics Committee, providing advice to Doctors on the ethics of surrogacy applications and research applications for approval and review. She was also a former committee member of the St George Sutherland Regional Law Society and former Chairperson of their Property Law Sub-Committee. She is an active member of local business networks, the Sutherland Shire Business Chamber and ShireWomen, where she is a cherished speaker and contributor.

At the weekend, Nicole can be found sipping a Whisky Sour, reading Dan Brown books, and tapping her foot to anything by Queen.

Cheryl Ashwin

Justice of the Peace

Legal and Administrative Assistant

Cheryl is the company’s Legal and Administrative Assistant and specialises in organising everything effortlessly. Just like a graceful swan gliding across the water, Cheryl is level-headed and calm, never allowing anyone to see the peddling below. Cheryl is a doer, a list-maker, a fan of stocked stationery cupboards, and has an uncanny ability to anticipate that things need to be done before being asked. Many have speculated she has magical abilities, but she’ll never give her secrets away.

Cheryl’s partner was Nicole’s Legal Agent for many years, and even after hiring Cheryl, neither Nicole nor Cheryl knew they were connected by Cheryl’s partner. Everyone felt rather silly when it was revealed that they had one degree of separation. Some might say it was meant to be! Cheryl and Nicole certainly think so!

Cheryl loves English movies and books. A huge fan of TV and Movies like Their Finest, Downton Abbey, Love Actually, Vera, and Austin Powers, she appreciates English comedy and is partial to a tipple of the old G&T at the weekend. She loved to travel before the virus that shall not be named came along, and dreams of getting back to the UK soon.

Cheryl is blessed with a happy disposition, and, like her favourite musician Amy Winehouse used to say, she thinks “every bad situation is a blues song waiting to happen”. And we agree.

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